At 7degrees, our goal is to bring quality wine, beer and spirits to you at good prices. Our greatest asset is knowledge.
Researching products, talking to agents, and meeting growers, brewers and distillers are all part of the work we do before the product is brought into our store. We want to share these products with you because they have met our standards of great value, and we are confident they will meet yours.
Drop in to see what we have or to sample select products. Make us a destination for our Saturday afternoon tastings. Or just come by to chat. We love to talk shop.




Owner and partner at 7 degrees, Scott is always looking for something new to try. Favorites include wines from Portugal, malty dubels, aged rum, white tequila and smooth bourbon.

Scott pursued his interests in wine, beer and spirits as a hobby while working as an engineer and university professor, and finally dived in full time in 2012 when he purchased 7 degrees (ex-Ashton’s Liquor). He broadened his education though wine classes, completing the Sommelier Diploma Program of the International Sommelier Guild in 2013. He enjoys conducting private and special event tastings and will begin teaching wine courses in 2014.



Owner and partner at 7 degrees, Chris loves to experience new tastes. Favourites include white wines, crisp lagers, heavy stouts, dark rums, and whisky in its many expressions.

Chris became especially interested in wine after visiting the vineyards in the Okanagan and learning about the intricacies of winemaking. After a career as an academic and educator, he decided that learning about wine, beer and spirits and sharing that knowledge would be his next career. He will be completing his Sommelier Diploma Program in the Fall of 2014. He is always happy to talk about his latest favourites.