What I Learned from Drinking 100 Gin and Tonics

This past June, my wife and I did extensive “research” in preparation for two gin and tonic nights. We offered 10 different gins and 10 different tonics, for a total of 100 different combinations. Shortly into our research, we decided to reduce the volume, but not the ration of our gin and tonics in order to complete–or at least remember– our task.

The 10 gins we sample represented premium gins, made distinctive by their botanicals. We also used premium tonic waters, and discovered how a good tonic water can bring out the best in a great gin.

Surprisingly, we discovered that the stronger the tonic water, the more the flavours were enhanced in the gin. We also found that the larger the ice cubes, the more the delicate flavours of the gin and tonic were preserved, by their not being watered down.

The range of gin available today, with the range of tonic waters available, makes for nearly endless possibilities. We’ll continue to stock the best, and we’ll also be busy doing research all winter for a new gin and tonic night in 2019.


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